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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Apply CONTROL?

Just rub CONTROL directly over the area where you are experiencing cramping pain.


Can I Be Physically Active While Using Control?

Yes, and CONTROL is still working while you are doing your normal activities.


Is CONTROL Safe For All Ages?

Yes, CONTROL was created from many natural ingredients to make it safe and effective for women of all ages. But as always, please use as directed on the packaging. 


How Often Can I Use CONTROL?

Use CONTROL every time cramping pain occurs. 


Can I Use CONTROL While I’m Using Other Medications?

Yes, CONTROL is completely safe to use while you are using other medications as long as you use the product as directed.


What Are The Active Ingredients In CONTROL?

CONTROL contains a 3% level of Menthol. In addition, CONTROL uses Topical Analgesic that contain various natural pain relieving ingredients.


Does CONTROL Have Any Effect On Pregnancy?

CONTROL has NO side effects on women who are trying to get pregnant or seek pregnancy in the future. But as always, please use product as directed on the packaging and if you have any concerns check with your healthcare professional before using.


Does CONTROL Stain Clothes?

No. CONTROL is a Topical vanishing pain relieving cream that disappears in minutes and leaves no residue to stain or effect clothing.


Does CONTROL Have An Odor Or Noticable Scent?

CONTROL has a slight pleasant menthol scent that is not noticeable when used with clothing.


Where Can I Purchase CONTROL?

Presently CONTROL Menstrual Cramp Relief product can be purchased on line at or through Amazon. Soon CONTROL will be offered in retail stores across the nation.


Is CONTROL Recommended By Medical Doctors?

Yes, CONTROL is highly recomended by OBGYN’s to their patients because of how safe and effective it is for all women. 

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