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KRT is a proprietary, patent-pending, all-natural products that will aid in the prevention and relief of muscular cramping. We take a scientific approach using Transdermal Nutrition Technology (TNT) to attack the problem at the affected muscle(s). None of the components in our formulation have been associated with any adverse events in a topical use. These products are paraben free and in an aqueous base; they are FDA cleared via a USP Monograph for topical analgesics. These are the only products that actually solve the muscle cramp phenomenon and that have independent test results to support these claims.
There are various products on the market that claim to help treat and prevent cramping.
Although hydration and electrolyte balance are important why do you see college and professional football players drinking all sorts of weird things such as pickle juice, mustard, and electrolyte drinks.
The problem is that no one has addressed the actual cause of a muscle cramp, the depletion of energy at the cellular level. Our proprietary formulas address this cause and actually works. We treat the cramp at the place you are actually experiencing it, sight specific, transdermal, topical treatment.


Immediate Relief / Rapidly Absorbed / Site Specific / Physician Approved

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